EMDR for Performance Enhancement

EMDR for Performance Enhancement is an advanced psychotherapy model that combines psychology with physiology in a way that allows a person to identify and “clear” past traumatic events. These events may seem as insignificant as an old sports injury. We have learned to work around them but often lose sight of the fact they are having an effect on our overall performance.

Why EMDR for Performance Enhancement

You don’t have to settle for less or accept limits to your goals. You may be doing well but want to do better. Its effects are fast and permanent. We all set goals throughout our lives (professional or personal) that direct most of our decisions and actions. Attaining those rewards often goes far beyond the actual goal itself.

We may have the drive, the knowledge and the skills but we may also have unknown or unexplainable blocks that reach us from reaching our goals. EMDR can identify and get rid of those blocks allowing you to break though the barriers that have kept you from achieving your peak performance.

EMDR has been successfully used with a variety of physical and emotional blocks:

Susan Hrovat, Registered Social Worker - Psychotherapist